10 Best Camera Sliders Money Can Help You Buy in 2022

Best Camera Sliders Review

There’s no point in shooting photos or videos if you’re struggling with the quality of said images or films. Most of the time, stabilizing the camera is somewhat of a problem. Another issue pops up when you’re trying to fix angles to grant your videos a unique flavor. Steady hands are important in this case. So are … Read more

8 Best Gimbals for GoPro in 2022 (Shoot Stable Videos)

Best Gimbals for GoPro Action Cam

Whether someone is a beginner or pro at capturing “Go Pro” video capturing, he/she needs to get the hang of the device. Part of it depends on how well you handle image stabilization. That’s where a Gimbal for Go Pro comes in. These devices act like stands where you keep these cameras. Truth be told, these … Read more

10 Best Photo Papers to Pick in 2022 and Beyond!

Best Photo Paper Reviews

You might have the best inkjet or laser printer by your side, but without the best photo paper to print the photos on, things won’t be up to the mark. At least, not for me. That’s why I always look for the top dogs when I buy papers to print images on. When it comes to … Read more

Moza Slypod Review – The New Way To Shoot Your Videos?

Moza Slypod review

When it comes to effective videography or photo shooting, we all come across the need for stability and accurate control over our devices. It can really be disappointing if we can’t get the output we want just because of positioning and timely movement. If you are on the same boat, then you might just find this … Read more

11 Best Camera Tripods Under $100 You Can Buy in 2022

Best tripod under $100

When we spoke to some professional photographers about the best camera tripod under $100, the opinions were mixed. Ditto with amateurs and YouTubers who largely seem to believe, that $100 isn’t a price tag where one can expect a durable, stable and reliable tripod for heavy and expensive lenses. But a few opinions never deterred our curious … Read more

Top 10 Best Monopods in 2022

Best monopod reviews

It took two missed photography opportunities in the Mara for us to start looking for the best monopod. Both were ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ shots. One, when a leopard took down a Grant’s Gazelle stag midair and the second, when a lioness charged at us with the cub in mouth, missing us by what would have been a whisker. Since the … Read more