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11 Best Microphones for YouTube in 2022: These Will Aid You in Your Journey as a Vlogger

“Social Media.” This is a growing fascination among youths. We entertain ourselves through various means on numerous social media platforms. The means can be educative posts, one or two lines of thoughts on events, and by broadcasting ourselves doing mundane things.

That’s where YouTube comes in. This is a platform where people can do various things for others to comment on. Good YouTubers add value to people’s lives who follow them. However, establishing oneself to be a good YouTuber, and gaining followers or subscribers isn’t easy.

You’ll have to be good at many things. Firstly, a good topic to make videos on, presentation, video editing skills, and lastly… the voice-over part of the job. For that, you need quality microphones.

This is where I’ll help you. In this rather small (pun intended) article, I amassed some of the best microphones for YouTube for you guys to take a look at. Feel free to go through the short reviews and an in-depth buying guide to know the ins and outs of these objects.

Top-Rated Microphones for YouTube


Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Rode VideoMic Pro+


Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone with High-Res Metering, LED Lighting & Blue Voice Effects for Gaming, Streaming & Podcasting On PC & Mac

Blue Yeti X


Rode smartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones,Black

Rode smartLav+

I understand the fact that words are not enough when you’re looking for a recommendation over these objects. That’s why I came up with a list of YouTube Mics AND short reviews of the objects to help people decide their choice of Mics. Let’s go over them one by one.

1. Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone

Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone with High-Res Metering, LED Lighting & Blue Voice Effects for Gaming, Streaming & Podcasting On PC & Mac

This sleek and stylish looking mic caught my eye at first glance. But its looks are not the only thing that brought it to this list. There is a lot more.

First of all, it’s a USB microphone. This means you can easily connect it to your computer whether it is PC or Mac, and get started in a jiffy. No need to lose your head trying to find an adapter that goes with it. The plug-n-play feature enables you to run the mic without any driver.

Just plug it in and start streaming.

Those of you who have been in the sound industry for some time does not need any introduction to know what a Blue mic is capable of doing.

This one here has a four-capsule array that captures Blue broadcast sound with great focus and clarity than ever for professional-level gaming, Twitch streaming, podcasting, and YouTube Productions. It’s specially designed for use in live streaming as well as studio recordings.

When it comes to the design and functionality, this mic has a multi-functional smart knob at the neck. It enables you to get precise control of your audio stream at all times.

One can easily control the microphone gain, mute the headphone volume, and more. People can do it all while streaming simply by turning the knob. The recording could not get any easier.

You can get the best out of this mic simply by adding a few tools off from the internet to go with it. And one of those tools is the Logitech G HUB, or Blue Sherpa (For PC and Mac). If you download one of this software, you will get access to Blue VO!CE broadcast effects along with a wide array of presets.

It goes without saying that these will take your on-stream sound to a professional standard.

Another thing that makes this mic stand out amongst its peers is the customizable LED lights. These lights not only indicate when the mic is on, but you can set the color of the lights to match with the lighting and color grading of your video and add more to the aesthetics of your video.

Meaning, this will not only make your videos sound good but also look good to some extent.

Speaking of the LED lights, the ones on the Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser can do more than just make your videos look pretty. The LED visualizes your streaming with its high-resolution LED metering so that you can check if your voice is too high or too low, and adjust it accordingly.

As a part-time singer and musician, I found this feature exceptionally helpful.

I came across this microphone around the beginning of my vlogging career when I could not afford too many high-end gears. Honestly speaking, I was looking for a one-stop solution for many of my requirements. 

One interesting feature about this gear that caught my eye was that it has four distinct pickup patterns each with its own signature approach towards audio recording.

This means what could’ve taken me four different mics to record, I could easily record all of it with just this one product. Not only did it add more dimensions and dynamics to my recordings, but it also saved me an awful lot of money which I used for my other studio equipment.

This, added with the Logitech G Hub Integration, allowing you to fine-tune your recordings giving you access to different aspects of them. You can monitor and control your mic gain, headphone volume, monitoring preferences, and select the pickup pattern of your choice right from your desktop!

Blue Yeti X

Things I Liked

  • Driver-free USB operation that allows you to plug-‘n’-play
  • Multiple pickup patterns that you can easily switch between
  • Headphone output that allows you to connect your headphones directly into the mic
  • Multi-functional smart knob that allows you to control the mic gain and volume levels
  • The whole thing comes in a package of Yeticaster bundle with everything you might need.

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • Micro-USB cable is not reversible
  • Some Mac users have complained that their device often fails to recognize this mic.
  • There are some connectivity issues faced by Mac users.

2. Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone

619eUD65k3L. AC SL1500

I’ve always been a huge fan of Rode mics. Due to their wide price range and varieties, they are every recording artist’s best friend. And the NT-USB is no exception in terms of quality and versatility that the brand is famous for. Let me tell you some of the aspects I found from my firsthand experience with it.

Just like the one previously mentioned, this mic also comes with the convenience of USB connectivity. It’s powered by the USB bus. On top of that, it is also compatible with Apple iPad.

This indeed is great news for Apple users. No need to run to your PC or carry that huge laptop around to every location you want to record in. You can simply use it with your iPad.

Apart from having flexible connectivity options, the mic also has the side-address feature that will recognize the source of the sound and balance the left/right according to it. This way, your streaming, and recordings will sound more natural and have more dynamics to them.

This makes the NT-USB highly versatile and ideal for recording any kind of vocals with mainstream recording applications in addition to spoken applications such as podcasting and voice-overs.

The mic is fully compatible with all mainstream recording applications on both Windows and Mac OS based computers as well as the iPad. It uses RØDE Rec, Garage Band, or any other recording app that accepts an external microphone.

Thus, you have a wide range of options here in terms of device compatibility. The Rode NT-USB stands out amongst its counterparts for another reason, that is, the hardware.

Not only is it made with the top-quality materials that ensure durability, but also the mic comes with a premium pop filter that fits onto the base of the mic, positioning the filter the ideal distance from the capsule to minimize plosives during singing or speech.

Just like the previous mic, this one also comes with a built-in 3.5mm stereo headphone jack that allows you to monitor and control your sound with high precision without any latency.

Last but not the least of its amazing features is that this mic also has dials to adjust the monitoring level and mix between the computer/iPad audio and the microphone input.

If you’re looking for a suitable mount and windshield to go with this mic, you can opt for the SMR shock mount and the WS2 foam windshield made by Rode. I’ve tried them and they’re the best match with the NT-USB.


Things I Liked

  • Convenient USB connectivity
  • Versatile compatibility with PC, Mac, and also Apple iPod
  • Premium pop filter minimizing plosives included with the package
  • Extremely lightweight (weighs only about 1.15 pounds)
  • Side-address microphone that especially designed for any kind of vocals with mainstream recording applications.
  • Also, operable using spoken applications such as podcasting and voice-overs.

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • May appear to be too sensitive for some users, especially those recording in a home setup
  • The arm has durability issues and may break if you’re not careful enough with it.

3. Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

81KlFIgugtL. AC SL1000

Despite being condenser microphones, the one thing that even the best microphones for YouTube fail to produce is a totally isolated sound. No matter how much you reduce the gain sensitivity, if the room is not completely soundproof, then some noise always manages to get in.

This not only increases the time to fine-tune the final recording before you mix it, but the noise-reduction technologies you apply take away a big portion of the ambiance of the original recording.

But Audio Technica is the I one brand that is known for making quality recording equipment with the best in-built noise reduction technology within an affordable price range. And the AT2035 Cardioid condenser microphone is no exception.

It is equipped with the Cardioid polar pattern that reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, picking up sound signals only from the sound sources of your choice, I.e.; the ones that are coming from the front of the mic.

The large diaphragm of this mic produces a smooth, natural sound while keeping the noises low. And added with that, there is also the custom shock mount that ensures the superior isolation that the rest of the mic is designed to produce.

And I haven’t said anything about the versatility of this mic yet. While most mics on this list provide different pickup signals through the help of software and stuff, this bad boy right here is physically designed to offer you the versatility of different pickup patterns without any mumbo-jumbo.

The wide dynamic range and the high SPL handling are here to provide you with endless pickup angles and possibilities.

Apart from the Cardioid polar pattern and the custom mount, Audio Technica went one step ahead and added another feature to this mic to ensure noiseless recording and streaming.

The technology is called a high-pass filter or HPF. What it does is, it allows you to set a certain point to the frequency that this mic will respond to.

The mic will automatically block any sound frequency that is below the set frequency level from passing through the mic’s filter as an audio signal.

This would block out all the unwanted background noise from your streaming and produce a clear, natural audio. You can easily switch from 80 Hertz to 10 dB whenever you need to.

And last but not the least, that it is extremely durable, compared to other condenser mics. Its rugged construction will handle high sound pressure levels without trouble, and the high-performance specifications will ensure a good streaming experience even in a not-so studio-like environment.

Audio-Technica AT2035

Things That I Liked

  • Rugged, durable construction
  • Cardoid polar pickup pattern that ensures an isolated, noiseless sound
  • HPF or high-pass filter blocking out unnecessary background noise
  • High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide excellent versatility
  • Easily switchable between 80 Herts high pass filter and 10 dB pa
  • Really easy to set up and use

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • High sensitivity might be a bother for some
  • Needs additional testing through a mixer before you can be sure how and where to set it up

4. Rode VideoMic Pro+

Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

This one is solely designed for serious videographers and vloggers. This extremely handy little mic with a super-easy setup sits right on top of your DSLR camera and captures audio inputs with optimum accuracy and clarity. Say hello to the new Rode VideoMic Pro+.

The mic has a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz (with a selected HPF of 75Hz/150Hz).

The output impedance of this thing is 200Ω with a maximum output level of 7.7dBu (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load). The JFET impedance converter converts the very high impedance of the 'capacitor' voltage into a more useful form.

Those of you familiar with its previous model the VideoMic should have a clear idea of its capsule design and windshield. This mic also has all of that, topped with a Supercardoid polar pickup pattern, as well as a handful of new features.

The first thing that makes it stand out is the automatic power function that is activated on plugging in and turning off as soon as you unplug it from the camera. An ideal audio tool for the run-and-gun shooter.

Not only does it save you the time and trouble of setting it up, but it also reduces the time of post-production and editing by capturing audio signals directly from the source of the sound. This is just a video version of point-and-shoot technology, along with sound recording capabilities.

The thing has three power supplies. One is the RØDE LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, or it can run on 2 x AA Batteries, or, you can charge it continuously with the Micro USB charger while using it.

This means you can charge it directly from the battery of your computer, or your car or mobile home directly on the location of the shooting or on your way back. This also opens opportunities for charging it with a portable charger or power bank if you’re on the go.

The further you dig into the specs and features of this thing, the more you’ll notice how the manufacturers were solely focusing on time efficiency while designing it.

For one thing, it has digital switching that features a 2-Stage High Pass Filter to reduce low frequencies such as rumble from traffic or air conditioning.

Whether you are shooting on a DSLR, a regular mirrorless video camera, or camcorder, the 3-Stage Gain Control, with +20dB function is designed to improve audio quality.

Rode VideoMic Pro+

Things That I Liked

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Handy and portable
  • Supercardoid polar pickup pattern
  • Wide range of power options: inbuilt rechargeable battery, USB bus powered, and AA
  • Wide frequency range
  • 2-Stage High Pass Filter
  • 3-Stage Gain Control

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • Some users complained of an excessive amount of sensitivity directly behind the microphone
  • Battery issues

5. Razer Seiren Elite USB Streaming Microphone

Razer Seiren Elite USB Streaming Microphone: Professional Grade High-Pass Filter - Built-In Shock Mount - Supercardiod Pick-Up Pattern - Anodized Aluminum - Classic Black

This is a professional-grade microphone for those who know how to handle one. The professional-grade single dynamic capsule ensures minimal electronic interference for a richer, warmer, and true to life broadcasting experience.

Like its predecessor, this one is also a USB mic, equipped with a built-in high-pass filter. The filter cuts out unwanted low-frequency vibrations (footsteps or the rumble of an air conditioner) to provide only the cleanest recording signals.

Apart from the filter, the mic also has a unique vocal limiter that is switchable between digital and analog. If you’ve ever been inside an old studio or have seen one in movies or footage (like they show in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody), you might’ve seen the band and the musicians working/talking behind a huge board that is covered in yellow meters with big red needles.

The job of these meters was to show the average moment-to-moment volume of an instrument or a sound source. Ever since the emergence of digital meters in the late ‘80s, the use of analog meters started decreasing and then stopped altogether.

Some sound mixing devices of today still pays a tribute to this novelty version of the meter due to its similarity in pattern with the human ear.

By that, I mean that analog meters can show your track’s dynamics, and will tell you what’s missing in your mixes by showing you the proportion of every element individually.

For a lot of reasons like these, professional sound recordists prefer analog meters over digital ones. And this mic offers you both, along with the liberty of switching from one to the other with ease.

Along with that, it also has the Supercardoid pickup pattern to block out all the unwanted background noise that is trying to get into your streaming.

Another feature of this mic that seemed pretty interesting to me is its unique capability of connecting with PS4. I think this feature was added solely for gamers. So, if you’re a YouTuber who does a lot of live streaming of your gameplays, then this might be the recording gear for you.

The build and design of the Razer Seiren X are pretty basic. It’s got an Anodized Aluminum Classic Black design with a built-in shock mount. The mic uses a 5/8 thread mount to mount to its base, so some arms may need a 3/8 to 5/8 adapter to mount this microphone.

Razer Seiren Elite

Things That I Liked

  • Supercardoid pickup pattern
  • Professional Grade Single Dynamic Capsule design
  • Digital/Analog Vocal Limiter
  • Zero Latency Monitoring
  • PS4 connectivity

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • Boom arm stands require an additional adapter
  • A bit difficult to setup for newbies

6. Zoom H1n

Zoom H1n Portable Recorder, Onboard Stereo Microphones, Camera Mountable, Records to SD Card, Compact, USB Microphone, Overdubbing, Dictation, For Recording Music, Audio for Video, and Interviews

The futuristic design of this mic will catch your eye even if you’re not into mics. One of the key things that this mic boasts of, and very rightfully to do so, is its streamlined body with a matte finish and a newly designed protective mic enclosure to keep the entire thing compact and secure.

I cannot talk enough about the design of this mic. It is packed with two built-in stereo condensers that are implanted in a 90-degree X/Y format. The compact rugged design allows you to high-quality sound just about anywhere.

Zoom H1n features a newly designed mic enclosure to protect the X/Y mics from wear and tear, so you can put it in your pocket, toss it in your backpack, or take it out in the field without any worries. And the thing is so handy and lightweight, you probably won’t even feel it while you carry it in your backpack.

Next to the design is the super user-friendly controls that make it one of the best microphones for YouTube. The graphic 1.25” LCD monochrome display, the one-touch button controls, and localized menus make the H1n perfect for both entry-level and professional creators.

Now let’s come to serious business.  That is, in the case of microphones, audio quality. The H1n is equipped with an advanced onboard limiter that enables it to record a distortion-free signal up to 120 dB SPL.

Not only studio recordings and live streaming from home, but you can also capture concerts, band practice, or record in other loud environments with it, without compromising audio quality a single bit.

The enhanced playback and control will let you transcribe interviews easily. Ideal for journalists or show hosts. But that’s not all, the H1n also has a special treat in store for the musicians out there.

A-B repeat comes in handy when you are learning and rehearsing by using the overdub feature. The feature lets you add new sounds over existing recordings. On top of all that, you can use this mic to auto-record, pre-record, or put it on and self-time when you need to.

When it comes to supported media formats and storage, this mic can record directly to SD and SDHC cards up to 32 GB. It supports up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio in BWF-compliant WAV or a variety of MP3 formats

The thing has an input impedance of 2 kΩ. Runs on alkaline batteries with a battery life of up to approximately 10-hours with continuous recording time using built-in mic at 44.1kHz/16-bit. The entire package weighs about 2.4 ounces.

Zoom H1n

Things That I Like

  • Unique design and sturdy build
  • One-touch button controls and 1.25” monochrome LCD display
  • Localized and intuitive menus for easy operation
  • Distortion-Free Recording thanks to the advanced onboard limiter
  • Wide range of supported media formats

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • No flaws found whatsoever.

7. Rode smartLav+

Rode smartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones,Black

This list would remain incomplete without a lavalier or lapel mic. I personally am a huge fan of clip-on mics as they are so tiny yet useful.

Those who do tutorials or recipe videos need them the most, as they need to remain hands-free, but at the same time need to be close to the mouthpiece so that the instructions they give are clearly audible by the viewer.

The lapel mic in question here is made by Rode. It is one of the finest ones I have used. It’s a professional-grade lavalier mic with a TRRS Jack.

It is actually a high-quality omnidirectional condenser capsule disguised as a humble and discrete 4.5mm miniature microphone. But don’t go by its innocent looks, this mic can do more than it shows.

This is a wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television and broadcast scenarios, or whenever broadcast-quality audio is required in a discreet, portable format without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment.

The thing that makes it so easy to use and versatile is its wide range of connectivity options. You can connect it to a PC or camera using the TRRS jack.

Alternatively, you can simply mount the microphone on the talent, connect it to a smartphone or tablet headset jack and start recording via the RØDE Rec app for iOS, or any other audio app of your choice.

The little wonder has a professional quality omni-directional condenser capsule. It picks up sound equally from all around the microphone. This allows for versatility when mounting and ensures a high degree of user-friendly operation.

There is a foam pop shield provided with the package. This shield will minimize wind noise and vocal plosives (like the annoying hard ‘b’, ‘t’ and ‘p’ sounds), There is also a durable mounting clip included with the package that you can use to clip on to your outfit.

I play the harmonica. And the mic is so tiny that I hold it inside the palm of my hand along with the harmonica creating a little soundproof studio inside my hand where the sound cannot escape and the mic captures it with optimum clarity.

When I play other woodwind instruments like the recorder or any kind of flute, I simply use the Kevlar strap (which is also provided with the mic) to strap the mic near the soundhole of my instrument, and it serves the same purpose.

The RØDE Rec turns the user’s iOS device into a fully-featured field recorder, with a wide range of equalization presets to suit various recording situations, in addition to professional editing functions and the ability to publish to SoundCloud and Dropbox direct from the app.

Rode smartLav+

Things That I Liked

  • Portable and handy
  • Premium RØDE quality but in a lapel mic
  • Kevlar reinforced cable for extra security
  • Enter your Professional quality omni-directional condenser capsuletext here...
  • Versatile connectivity

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • Additional app required for operating on mobile devices
  • Warranty issues

8. Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

This compact and portable USB studio condenser microphone blew my mind when I first started using it. First of all, it’s got a unique fold-up design with an integral clip. It makes the microphone extremely portable and ideal for most recording solutions. Specifically, for mobile laptop recording.

The Samson Go has two unique selectable dual-pickup patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional) that make it ideal for recording voice, conferences, acoustic instruments, and just about any other sound source of your choice.

It is equipped with an onboard headphone amplifier that allows you to listen to your recording directly from the microphone! Yes, you read that right. You can record with it, and listen to your recordings directly from it to check if you’ve got everything right. 

You can also listen to the recorded files with powered speakers by connecting the mic to them using its audio output. Apart from that, the mic also features a computer-controlled analog input gain with a peak LED that makes it extremely easy to set the proper frequency level and get a clear signal.

The fact that it is compatible with most Mac and PC based audio software that supports USB audio gives it all the dimensions it needs to give you different types of audio outcomes using different software.

You can connect it to an iOS device using an Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter. Or, if you are an Android user, you can connect this mic to your device with a host OTG cable. 

The adapter/cable is not included with the package though, but if you are a vlogger with an Apple or an Android device, I’m pretty sure you already have one.

There are two featured pickup patterns. Cardioid and Omnidirectional. The Cardioid pickup pattern captures sound in front of the microphone and rejects sound from the sides and back (This is great for single individual podcasts or streaming).

The Omnidirectional mode, on the other hand, allows the sound to be picked up in a 360° pattern (This can be used to capture audio with a group of people sitting around a table for multi-subject interviews).

The liberty to switch between the two allows you to select the right setting for your application, whether you’re recording music, podcasts, gaming, streaming, making Skype, and VoIP calls.

All in all, this makes the GO MIC perfect for recording voice or music, podcasting, streaming or chatting with VoIP.

Samson Go Mic

Things That I Liked

  • Unique, fold up design with integral clip
  • The onboard headphone amplifier allows you to listen to your recording directly from the mic
  • Compatible with most Mac and PC based audio software that supports USB Audio
  • Selectable Dual pickup patterns
  • A – 10dB pad provides additional headroom and protects the audio from overloading

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • Additional adapter and OTG cable required for connecting to both Mac and Android mobile devices
  • Software has compatibility issues with Mac


TAKSTAR SGC-598 Photography Interview Shotgun MIC Microphone for Nikon Canon DSLR Camera (Need 3.5mm Interface)

This boom mic has the term ‘boom mic’ written all over it. It looks like a boom mic, designed to work as a boom mic, and also functions like a boom mic. Overall, the Takstar AGC-598 is a condenser mic that is made especially for vloggers as well as filmmakers and is one of the best microphones for YouTube.

The mic is a back-electret condenser that is equipped with a Cardioid pickup pattern. This means that if your background noise (crowd, wind, traffic, etc.) is too loud then it will be picked up just like any other microphone.  It’s a directional microphone that is designed for close interviews.

This thing is designed for use with cameras, and DSLR cameras in particular. Works with most reputable brands and models of cameras such as the Canon rebel EOS TSi and the Nikon D3300.

In fact, with the Canon EOS TSi, the mic’s functionality will increase to the extent where it will improve the sound quality way over that of the built-in microphone of the camera. Although you need to keep in mind that this is a monaural microphone, so you will not get a stereo sound from it.

With Nikon D3300, the mic reduces the noise of the autofocus of the camera when you’re shooting videos.

The mic is powered by a 1.5V AA alkaline battery. TAKSTAR has a low power indicator to tell you that you need to charge it so that the mic does not shut off mid-shoot. It has a frequency response of 50-16KHz, and a sensitivity level of -32dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz).

You can do an additional sensitivity tone-up of +10dB. The bass filter of this mic is 10dB/octave at 60Hz, and the output impedance is 2000Ω±30%.

There is not really much to look into about this mic since it’s a boom mic as I said before. It functions pretty much like all boom mics do and have all the features and specifications that a boom mic is supposed to have.

The only thing that made me add it to this list is its size and portability. It weighs around 154g / 5.43oz and has a pretty compact design that makes it easy to carry.

Total dimensions of the product are about 22 * 8.5 * 4cm / 8.66 * 3.35 * 1.57in, which makes it a lot easier to carry compared to most other boom mics.


Things That I Liked

  • Portable and handy
  • Low power indicator
  • Responds great with Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Comes with a carrier pouch
  • Great for interviews

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • 3.5mm interface required on the camera
  • Durability issues

10. AKG Pro Audio C214

AKG Pro Audio C214 Professional Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Grey

This is a mic built for some serious business. Those of you who make travel or hiking vides, or cook recipes outdoors in different weather conditions and in a lot of noise, this one is for you guys.

It’s designed and built for recording and streaming in conditions and circumstances under which regular mics would fail to perform.

The AKG Pro Audio C214 has an integrated suspension to reduce mechanical noise and vibrations. So, if you’re trying to film a concert, it will shut out all the annoying feedback and reverb that comes out from the sound boxes and get caught up in the mics to ruin the recording.

To get this job done, there is a built-in switchable 20dB attenuator and bass-cut filter for close-up recording and reduction of proximity effect. The outstanding dynamic range and ultralow noise will allow you to record close-up from high-output sources of up to 156dB SPL.

As I have said, this thing is made for serious business. The exterior is made of a various mixture of durable materials to serve different purposes. The main mic is protected by a rugged double mesh grill that catches and blocks most of the background noise and plosives from speeches.

The roadworthy all-metal die-cast body with a shock and scratch-resistant finish makes it ideal for use in crowded ad busy places and under extreme weather conditions. 

On top of that, the mic has a 1” large diaphragm with patented edge-terminated back-plate that blocks out all the noise coming from the opposite side of the sound source.

When it comes to connectivity, there is a gold-plated XLR-type output connector that delivers loss-free signals to the mic. Basically, it’s a low-cost alternative to AKG’s C414XLII recording mic. Both are ideal for detailed lead vocals and solo instruments. Perfect for both studio and outdoor recording and steaming.

It weighs only 3.15 pounds, so you can easily mount it on an arm and use it any way you like.

AKG Pro Audio C214

Things That I Liked

  • All-metal die-cast body with scratch and shock-resistant finish
  • Switchable 160 Hz 6 dB/Octave low-cut filter that reduces rumble and wind noise effectively
  • Gold plated XLR-type output connector for loss-free signals
  • Integrated suspension to reduce mechanical noise
  • 1” large diaphragm with patented edge-terminated back-plate technology

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • No flaw found whatsoever

11. Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac, Cardioid Condenser Capsule, Adjustable Stand, Plug and Play – Black

Here is a cool little thing, straight out of the Blue. Yep, I’m talking about another Blue mic here. And this one is very cleverly designed to meet all your recording and streaming needs while taking up the least space and giving you the least trouble with mounting and connecting.

I present you with the Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic. This custom condenser capsule offers crystal clear audio for Skype, Messages, FaceTime, and more with easy plug and play directly to your Mac or PC requiring no driver to install at all.

Whether you’re conducting interviews over Skype, streaming live gameplay on Twitch, or communicating across the globe, you’ll be heard loud and clear.

The innovative design of this condenser capsule equipped with a Compass Premium Broadcast boom arm and a Ringer Custom shock mount that together make it super easy to mount and suspend this mic.

The Snowball iCE features a visual design inspired by classic audio gear: giving it a stylish, retro vibe. It also offers two color options to match with your on-camera aesthetics.

The Compass Premium features a broadcast studio-grade design with enclosed aluminum construction, along with internal springs and a hidden-channel for cable management.

The Ringer custom shock mount, on the other hand, is a vintage-style suspension that is designed to isolate the microphone from all noise, shock, and ambient vibration.

Other than that, the Ringer custom shock mount can also work with other mics that have a standard thread mount. 

The mic is a USB 2.0 device (USB 3.0 compatible as per USB 3.0 backward compatibility specification) Sample/word Rate: 44.1kHz/16-bit. With this, you can accessorize your creative space by transforming your desktop into a broadcast studio with the Compass broadcast boom arm and Ringer shock mount.

Overall, it’s a great tool for vloggers and YouTubers.

Blue Snowball iCE

Things That I Liked

  • Compass Premium Broadcast Boom Arm
  • Ringer Custom Shock Mount
  • Stunning Design
  • Easy plug and play directly to your Mac or PC-no drivers to install
  • It’s a custom cardioid condenser capsule which delivers crystal clear audio quality.

Things That Could’ve Been Better

  • LED can be a bit intrusive in some video settings
  • A bit heavy for everyday use

Factors That Helped Me Putting This List Together

This is the part where I tell you guys about things that helped me in putting so many good products together. Without lingering on any further, let’s discuss things in detail.

Vlogging with camera and microphone setup

The Choice of Microphones Depends on The Type of Video

This is indeed true. Before the Mic comes the type of videos you need the mic for. This is because people will have different types of tasks to deal with when creating a podcast or vlogging. There will be different situations as well. Depending on that, the choice of mics can and will vary.

For example, consider the fact whether you’ll do a face-to-face recording, or are you more “On the Go” person like me. You’ll need different products in these types of recordings.

Another instance can be that you record your videos on PC and seldom take your eyes away. Then, my friend, you’d need the best USB microphones for YouTube that you can find.

If you guys are people who have invite guests to feature in their YouTube videos, you’ll have to opt for mics that capture omnidirectional sounds.

Look at The Build Quality of the Object

When we’re buying mics for YouTube vlogging, the first priority goes to sound quality. It’s understandable. You want something that gives you premium results. Let’s put that on hold for a second. Many of us don’t realize how “Build Quality” affects our products as well.

Let’s say we have the product with the best sound quality possible in our hands. We use it and it’s broken three weeks in. We’d hate that, won’t we? We’d hate to see a dent on the body or a crack on the mount of the machine. That’s why buying a sturdy, durable, and rugged mic is essential.

I’d suggest AKG Pro Audio C214 as a durable option. Many would say, “It’s a heavy machine with ‘All Metal’ body. I understand. Yes, it can weigh a little. Yet, it gives you some much-needed protection from fall and shock damages. I’d say it’s a good product to consider.

The Controls Should Be Smooth

Digital camera with Rode condenser microphone

Whatever accessory you buy for your setup, it should be able to respond to your inputs. Be it a smartphone, a PC, a Bluetooth device, and even as tiny as a microphone for vlogging.

As you can guess, I’ve found the perfect products that have the most responsive buttons and control input systems. You’ll find an array of options to experiment on and clearly defined buttons that do what they claim. Also, the mics feature software that pairs well with any and all types of devices that you use.

One thing I must mention is the fact that the diversity in controls depends on how much you’re spending on your mics. If you have the money to go all out, I’d suggest getting something along the way of Blue Yeti and AKG studio-grade mics.

At the same time, Snowball Ice is more of a “Classic” gear that facilitates people with the slightly lower end of the budget but still gives them satisfactory (scratch that, “Pro-Grade”) performance that they want.

Noise Pickup Mechanism

This is what everything boils down to. The mettle of a YouTube Mic boils down to how efficiently it captures sound. Different microphones have different systems of doing it. Yet, these systems follow the same basic principle. For example, you’ll find Boom Mics to be cardioid.

These things pick up the sound if you speak into the mic. These are great for up-close and personal interviews. However, when vlogging with multiple guests or hosting a web show, these machines fall short of the desired level. You’ll have to switch to “Omnidirectional” microphones.

“Omnidirectional” microphones are famous for picking up sounds from all directions of the room or studio you’re working on. People won’t have to speak directly to the object for it to work properly. Blue Yeti and Snowball Ice can be good examples of such mics.

There are mics like Samson as well. Samson comes with cardioid AND omnidirectional noise pick up mechanisms at the same time. You can either directly speak to this mic or keep it at a distance and speak normally. It’s up to you.

The Issue of Noise Cancellation

I get the fact that YouTube Microphones are noise capturing devices. That’s what they should do. But there are times when these machines are too good in their jobs.

These microphones capture our voices, music, podcast sounds, and a lot of other things. These things include useless noises, awkward breathing, and spit as well.

Good microphones will have the means to counter such issues. For example, certain products might have ways built into their software that help in canceling out unnecessary noises. Others will have accessories that block noise. These include one-inch diaphragm from Audio Technica.

Want something that cancels out noise with the push of a button? Try Zoom H1n. It has a dedicated button that does the job for you without setting any extra apparatus up.

If you want something more substantial, feel free to opt for Blue Snowball ICE that has a sturdy construction. Aluminum construction allows for vibration resistance and noise cancellation at the same time.

Take Your Budget into Consideration

Budget is important when you’re out to hunt for top-rated microphones for YouTube videos. People might argue that I’m making a small note of this fact at the very end. One must look into his/her wallet before opting for a YouTube Microphone. It determines the performance level of the thing.

If you’re a beginner and want to kick things off politely, go for a low-cost machine that does the job. Research the journey to fame for prominent YouTubers and you’ll be surprised. Many of them started with a microphone built into the tripod of their cameras.

Fortunately, my list of products has something for everyone. If you want to start small, there are machines on my list that cost less but deliver the goods. Want something premium? Products like Blue Yeti, Snowball Ice or Takstar will do the job just fine for you!

Let’s End the Article Here

Dishing out YouTube videos with good voiceovers might not seem challenging at first glance. Look again and the intricacies will shock you. You could excuse beginners trying to get on the map with higher quantity of videos.

For people who prioritize quality over quantity, good videos and top-notch audio are a must. This is where the best microphones for YouTube come in. If you happen to search for one of these machines, my article will surely help you. Want to do your own research? Make sure to read the buying guide.

Don’t forget to tell me how the experience turned out to be for you.

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