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10 Best Photography Forums in 2021 for beginners

Whether you are new to photography or you already have taken a few hundred shots with your DSLR, you need to be a part of a photography forum. 

Forums are one of the best places that not only answer all your questions but also puts photographers from all over the world in connection. No matter what particular topic you are looking for, be it gear, devices, bags, or even niches like different photography fields, you can find knowledge on everything in forums. With a quick Google search, you may come upon a thousand different photography forums and may be feeling lost. Fear not— here is our guide on the 10 best forums for photography in 2021.

10 best photography forums

1. DPReview


I have put DPReview on the top of the list as almost all photographers around the globe consider it to be their source of truth and the go-to place for photography knowledge. One of the key highlights is the extensive gear reviews on the website. Moreover, from posts for beginners to discussions among professionals, DPReview has all the bases covered. It has over 40 million posts, making it the best forum for photography on the internet.

2. Photography on the Net


Do you use a Canon camera? Then Photography on the Net is the best forum for you to get answers to all your questions. Photography on the Net is a great forum as you have the opportunity to learn and discuss various interesting topics with people while you exhibit your photos. Although it does not have the best user interface in the world, it has over 16 million posts and 400,000 members making it one of the most popular forums.

3. Photonet


My favorite thing about Photonet is the amazing UI the website has. It is better than most other photography forums I regularly visit. Photonet proudly is the home for a large number of enthusiastic beginners and also professionals. The portal has one of the largest collections of content related to photography. Moreover, the huge following makes Photonet truly one of the best forums on the internet.

4. LightStalking


If you are big into landscape photography, then the best forum for you is LightStalking. Out of the many threads in the forum here, the landscape is the most discussed photography area on this website. However, the forum is not just limited to landscape photography but covers all the bases. Other than the forums, the website also hosts numerous articles and guides related to photography. Be it landscape or macro photography, your questions will find an answer in LightStalking.

5. Photography Forum


Photography Forum hits all the basics of being a great forum for photography. It has a neat user interface designed to make it easy for you to find answers to all your questions. At first, you start in the "Photography and Basics" section. Then you move on to the next section: "Photoshop and Editing Tips". Once you have mastered processing photos, then you can move into other forums like the "Studio Lighting" forum. There is even a separate section for you to post your photographs for other people to critique. 

6. The Photo Forum


I love the fact that The Photo Forum has a dedicated section about "film photography." Moreover, the fact that all the amazing topics related to photography are well categorized is like a cherry on top. The Photo Forum topics do not only scratch the surface but rather dive deep into each of the topics talked about. You can find detailed information on the niche categories. All of these make this one of the best forums out there. Over 500 thousand discussion threads contain over 4 million messages. You can be quite certain to find all the answers to your questions in this forum.

7. Photography Talk


What makes Photography Talk one of the best forums for photography is the "Getting Started" section. This includes videos that make it easy for anyone to become familiar with photography from day one. These videos talk about all the tricks and tools needed to start photography. Moreover, this website is also a great source for different articles, free eBooks, and guides on different topics. There are many great sections on the website on different niches. Having a very simple design, the user experience of Photography Talk makes it stand out among other photography forums.

8. Amateur Photographer


If you are just getting started with photography and find all the information on many of the forums mentioned in this list so far intimidating, then Amateur Photographer is the best forum for you. It has a lot of information, specifically catered for beginners. However, the user experience is not the best on this website. All the discussions are categorized into different boards. To access the right information that you are looking for you have to find the right board at first. The boards include AP Magazine, AP Community, Equipment, and Technical Discussions. For absolute beginners, there is even a section labeled Beginner's Corner.

9. Talk Photography


Although I haven't visited Talk Photography as much as I have visited some of the other forums in this list, the ease-of-use and great discussion threads give Talk Photography a deserving place on this list. Upon accessing the website, you are greeted with the main discussion forums. These include forums on Photography, Equipment, and even Lighting and Studio. Like any other photography forum, Talk Photography also has a separate section on photo genres. A unique feature of this forum is a separate section where members can discuss ideas and inspiration. Over 65 thousand active members and all the great features make Talk Photography one of the best forums for photography in my list.

10. Fred Miranda Forum


Although this particular forum has quite an odd name for a photography forum, it's placed on this top list thanks to its diverse knowledge base on different photography related topics. When you visit the forum, you are greeted with a list of all the various kinds of fields in photography. The topics in the Fred Miranda Forum are as diverse as nature, wildlife, sports, and even digital art and smartphone photography. Moreover, there are separate sections set for any discussions on photography gear, assignments, and feedback of your photography.

If you thought that was the end, you'll be blown away to know that there is also a "buy and sell" section on the website to help you find or sell photography gear.


Every forum mentioned in the list has its pros and cons. You should explore all of these before choosing to stick with one or a few forums. For any beginner, it is important to follow a forum as it makes their journey to becoming a pro photographer a little bit easier.

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