Canon Vs Nikon – Which Should You Buy?

Canon Vs Nikon Camera

When looking for a DSLR camera, you must’ve come across these two giants- Canon and Nikon. The two leading brands have been ruling the camera market for decades, and for good reason. They’re quite similar to each other in terms of quality, price, and performance.  Yes, there are some differences, both big and small. But not … Read more

What are the Differences Between Camera and Digital Camcorder?

Difference Between Camera and Digital Camcorder

If I tell you to buy two different devices for video recording and photography, you’d probably think I’m messing around. Because today, you can do both with a single device. So, why bother buying two? There’s no denying that camera devices, regardless of their intended purpose, are becoming better and better each day. With a cheap … Read more

What is a Quad Camera Phone? – Explaining the Concept

What is a Quad Camera Phone

Smartphone cameras have indeed come a long way in the past few years. In this age of social media, everyone with a decent smartphone is a photographer. The technology has made it easy, so why wouldn’t they think like that? For quite some time, dual camera setup has been available in the market. But to keep … Read more

What is a Full Frame Camera? – Everything You Need to Know

What is a Full Frame Camera

While going through camera websites and blogs, you must’ve heard terms such as full-frame, mirrorless, cropped sensor, and so on. Ever wondered what they meant? Well, for a start, all of these terms indicate the size of the sensor. A camera’s sensor is what primarily determines the image size, depth of field, low-light performance, and dynamic … Read more

Surfing Photography Tips – Get the Adrenalin Rush On Camera

Surfing Photography Tips

Surfing is one of the most breathtaking adventure sports, bar none. Ever increasing waves, surfers coming down huge wave faces, unforgiving Mother Nature vs human: are literally works like gold mine for photographers. Not to mention, the thrill of throwing yourself into a wave with a surfer while being able to freeze that magical moment…is really … Read more

Why Are Hasselblad Cameras So Expensive?

Why Are Hasselblad Cameras So Expensive

“Why is this particular camera so expensive?” Common question, right? I personally would have to sit with you for a while to explain the details. That’s of course if I was well versed about that camera model and the manufacturers. Not to worry, the extensive research done by yours truly, won’t disappoint.Before we get straight to … Read more

Differences between Cheap and Expensive camera – Which One is Better and When?

Difference between Cheap and Expensive camera

Photography is the universal language of our era. Speaking in that language isn’t easy though. Especially if you’re just about to enter into this nearly unfathomable world of technicalities and possibilities. It’s just about enough to make your heart pump and jump into this realm where you get to ‘Draw with Light.’ However, you can’t straightway create … Read more

Travel Photography Tips – Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Travel Photography Tips – Things You Need

It’s nothing new. People are literally going crazy about travel photography. Why? Well allow me to be captain obvious for a moment and say, “Traveling is FUN!!!” I mean, photography IS about capturing the moment. Although, I’d take a step further and say, “It preserves priceless memories.” This genre indeed offers a much wider spectrum of … Read more

Is Photography a Dying Career?

Is Photography a Dying Career

Any form of art takes a major turn whenever there is a big innovation in technology. And if that art form itself is solely dependent on technology, then changes are bound to happen with each technological advancement. Photography is one of the biggest evidences of how technology impacts art, because its very existence is at the … Read more

Rule of Thirds Photography Examples

Rule of Thirds Photography Examples

The composition and elemental replenishment of photography are irresistible art. Photography composition is a game of distinctive methods, techniques, and rules. The thirds rule is the conceptual art of adding artistic visual compositions to photography using framing, portraits, architectural subjects, curves, diagonals, triangles, and more. In this article, we are enthralled to outline some rule … Read more