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Frameless Photo Mounting Ideas

Several people have been using frames to share their memories in their pictures. It is such a brilliant idea to have a picture of one of your best moments on the top of your table or the wall of your bedroom or living room or even kitchen! However, sometimes we find frames unsuitable and that they can take up a lot of space, hence frameless photo mounting ideas come into play.

What then is the best thing to do with your photos to have them serve the intended function even without the frames. You will be surprised at the several other frameless photo mounting ideas that are even cheaper to employ but work to the effect of sharing your memories in a better way than you expected. Let's see some of the possible ideas;

Using Photo Blocks, Preferably Wooden

Sometimes your memories can be the best reward for your loved one, especially your kids. Kids would like photos with their mom or dad on display in their rooms. It looks even more catchy and nice to look at when you can stack a number of pictures on their little tables. It is simplest this way, find suitable, smooth wooden blocks and do proper fixing to have clean photo blocks.

A multiple of them would properly fill out the given available space quite decoratively. You might not be able to hang them around, but for children's rooms, they make up nice decor to add to the fact that children would cherish such implications even more than frames.

Frameless Photo Mounting Ideas - How About a Corkboard?

Here is the best solution if you have ever gotten tired of regularly tearing apart your frames to change photos. Just find a corkboard and pushpins. It is a very simple method of displaying what your pictures have to present. Changing your photos on a corkboard can be far much easier than working on a number of frames changing the photos over.

To add in the ease, there is a possibility of having your photos displayed in a certain pattern and formation. You will find this much more decorative and good enough to fit in your decor. On top, there are a number of places that can be very suitable to place your corkboard to have your house glimmer from the effect of your memories! 


For this method, I often say there is room for more creativity, but it is one of the easiest to execute. In this method, there is a good space for us to switch images and their positions without having to dismantle or rehang anything with photo frames. Where you choose for your clothespin photo mount section also does matter so much.

The good thing with this method is that it will take very little time and space, plus the only materials you need are clothespins and strings. This method generally demands little but for us always excellent in presenting photos without frames. You can choose to have them fixed a little height above or several layers on the wall.

Frameless Photo Mounting Ideas - Photo Tiles

Candid on table photo tiles shares so much of our memories in a very appealing way. Tiles can be found locally, and your photos can easily be mounted. It is quite similar to the wooden photo blocks, but the tiles are smaller in size and quite easier to come up with. Photo tiles are best when they just lie on the table. Scattering them on some table at the side of the room is an idea too.

They just look gorgeous that way! There might be some little demand in terms of coming up with good photo takes, but like many other frameless photo mounting ideas, it is one of the simplest to present. Always at your disposal, you can view and review them at any time your free. The idea is to let them just be there.

You Can Use Your Shelves

The nooks and crannies of your shelf present something that looks like a frame-mounted onto the shelves themselves. This can be quite a good site to present your pictures. They just look naturally good there, especially the empty sections or sparsely used ones. Good enough for this method, shelves can be found in any part of the house, and they present a nice place for employing this idea.

Your Walls

Your walls can be alive with such an idea. You need to have your wall smiling with your memories to create a custom wallpaper big enough to fit your wall. Imagine how lovely that would be. So much time might be needed for this, and it might be quite expensive considering that it is no choice for a DIY project. However, the worth of the time is a little more important than anything else since your house will come to life with this big result.

Mason Jars

A big way to use your storage vessels. Before you think of disposing of some Mason jars, how about you put them to some cool "photo carrying" use. Importantly, you will need to clean them first and add some flowers or stickers for extra glamour. This is another excellent and simple to do DIY projects that leave a nice touch of memory sharing. To add on, you would have used your Mason jars rather than throwing them away.


There is nothing as good as making anything seem so clear and interesting. Many of the photo display methods above just use the cheapest available means to craft out very nice forms of sharing memories. However, to some extent, you will need a lot of creativity to come up with the best way of sharing your memories.

Frameless photo mounting ideas are, however, not fixed or limited, I just explored those that were appealing to my eyes. You have yours as well feel free to have your memories displayed in your most appealing and most suitable manner with any of your chosen methods. Just a little creativity would make this an easy experience for anyone interested.

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