Rule of Odds Photography: Everything You Should Know

Rule of Odds Photography

In this era of smartphones and tech-rich cameras, almost everyone understands one or two things about photography composition. Even the least tech-savvy smartphone owner knows how to add frames, textures, shapes, and content to photographs. Today, our discussion will major on the rule of odds photography to shed some light on this photography composition technique.  Most … Read more

Patterns and Textures Photography: The Art of Ornamenting and Revitalizing Photos

Patterns and Textures Photography

Almost all photos are textured and patterned. But the texturing and patterns aren’t the core design composition elements. Photographers rarely give these two elements of composition the attention they deserve as they’re committed to giving their artwork more visual appeal with oblique lines, tonal contrast, and color. Patterns and textures may not be noticed at … Read more

Rule of Triangles Photography

Rule of Triangles Photography

Have you ever noticed that triangles are present in almost everything that we see? It is purely true. In photography, the triangles are one fine aspect that can make your work look very nice and really attractive. That is why today we are going to focus on the rule of triangles photography. We are going to … Read more

Benefits of Diagonals and Triangles Photography

Benefits of Diagonals and Triangles Photography

Triangles and diagonals are highly-effective and unique photography elements used to point out a photo’s subject. The two are almost the same as triangles are simply stable-shaped diagonals. Photographers can use triangles and diagonals to add dynamics and tension to photos and direct the viewers’ eyes to the subject. Poor placement or alignment of triangles … Read more

What is Leading Lines in Photography

What Is Leading Lines in Photography

“What is leading lines in photography” is one of the most frequently asked questions. Leading lines is an essential photography composition technique to master and understand especially for Landscape photographers, as it is a powerful way to engage the viewer through different elements of a photo. This technique can help you to capture stunning and impactful … Read more

10 Best Photography Forums in 2021 for beginners

Best Photography Forums

Whether you are new to photography or you already have taken a few hundred shots with your DSLR, you need to be a part of a photography forum.  Forums are one of the best places that not only answer all your questions but also puts photographers from all over the world in connection. No matter what … Read more

Introductory Guide to Crop Sensors

Crop Sensor Camera

There are so many different elements and jargon, which we have to be educated about if interested in photography and cameras. Being an intermediate photographer, one of the tools I found useful was learning about Crop Sensor.  There are two adaptations in which camera sensors appear: full-frame or cropped. This article illustrates the importance of crop … Read more

Size does matter when it comes to Camera Sensors!

Camera sensor size

Are you confused with what APS-C and Full-frame sensor actually mean? Do you wonder what are the differences? Well, we’ve all been there. But hang around to the end of this article, and I will make sure you have a decent understanding of all the significations of different sensor sizes and why it is important … Read more

Portrait settings for the most captivating headshots

Portrait settings for the most captivating headshots

A portrait is meant to capture details and effervescence through the lens, and just the settings to do that won’t suffice.    Your camera needs a good lens to capture powerful portraits, and luckily, almost all professional/semi-professional level cameras accommodate different lens attachments. The most important aspect of photography is the vision. If you can … Read more

Introduction to Aperture Priority Mode

Introduction to Aperture Priority Mode

Photography has been my passion from a young age, and one of the most essential tools I have come across is the Aperture priority mode. This is unique compared to manual mode, where the user must decide on the two options, shutter priority, where the photographer picks a shutter speed with the camera choosing a … Read more