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Monopod Vs Tripod – Which One Should You Use?

To choose the right types of accessories for my camera, I have had to do quite a bit of research on the differences between the monopod and the tripod. The information that I have found covers a wide range of different topics, particularly as it relates to the reasons for each and the functionality that they both provide. One of the most important parts of this information is recognizing that both of these devices have their own individual places in photography. Therefore, here is some information that I can share about both and their role in the different types of photography that people are interested in today.

What are the differences in Design - Monopod Vs Tripod

One of the first things that I have found, as it relates to the differences in design, is the physical differences in the devices themselves. Monopods can be described as one-legged devices, while the tripods are often described as three-legged devices that have been made into a triangular shape. Therefore, if I have an opportunity to make a choice between the two, I may choose the tripod to take photos with instead of the monopod design since it has been made for a bit more stable and support for my camera. Also, if I am looking to take pictures without any type of shaking, the tripod will be the best fit for me. Again, my choice will be based on the need and my preferences at the time.

What the differences in Usage - Monopod Vs Tripod

Once I was able to determine the differences in the actual design and how to recognize each whenever I see them, I decided to look for more information about its overall usage. To find this information, I researched the benefits and value of each.

Benefits of Using a Monopod

Benefits of using monopod

The monopod has a variety of great features and benefits. Here are some of the top advantages that everyone can consider.

1. Requires Less Space

The best monopod is one to buy if I am looking for a stand that will take up a lesser amount of space.

2. Lightweight and Portable

When I am moving from one place to another, the monopod is ideal for me since it is light weight and portable.

3. Allows Photographers to Move Quickly

I will also have the capability to move quickly if I am capturing different scenes during a specific time frame. For instance, when I am using ‘long’ lenses, I have a much better chance of keeping my camera steady enough to take a sharper image.

In short, when I am using a monopod, I am usually looking to have an extra “Image Stabilization” system that is already built-in. Also, with the use of the monopod, it also takes the weight of the lens, particularly when I want to be comfortable taking lots of shots during any type of event.

Benefits of Using a Tripod

Benefits of using tripod

The tripod has a variety of great features and benefits. Here are some of the top advantages that everyone can consider.

1. Stability

The tripod has 3 legs in their design so they are known for their stability. Because a camera can easily shake and ruin unique moments, keeping the camera steady is not an option. Therefore, if I want the benefits of this extra sturdiness, the tripod is always the way to go.

2. It saves time and slows down the workflow

When I really have a need to take the perfect picture in a particular setting, the tripod is exactly what I need. For instance, with the tripod, I am forced to take my time setting it up properly. In short, I must slow down to set up the scene with the lighting and the settings needed at the time.

3. Great for Long Exposure and Double Exposure Quality

When I am looking for the highest quality shots, it is best to have zero movements. With the tripod, I can achieve the effects that I need, including taking great long exposure and double exposure shots.

4. Must Have for Shooting Videos

Just like a tripod is the best option for keeping the camera still enough to take the perfect picture, it is also the perfect choice for shooting videos. For instance, if I do not want your video to have a professional style look instead of a gritty appearance, the tripod is what is needed.

Cost Differences Between Monopod and the Tripod

The cost of these devices can also vary greatly based on the manufacturer, model, and other things. Therefore, the price that you pay can depend on a number of different factors. Fortunately, however, if you want the benefits of both at all times, you may want to buy a monopod or a tripod that is convertible. For instance, if you purchase monopod with convertible features, you may want to buy a device that has 2 pop-out legs that create the tripod design and structure.


Choosing the right type of accessories for the work that I do is essential to capturing the best photo shots possible. Therefore, according to the information that I found and used to make my own purchase decisions, the distinctions between the monopod and the tripod are relatively easy to make. This is especially the case if I know what my specific needs are at the time and what I am actually trying to achieve.

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