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Mounting Photos on Foam Board

The sweetness of photography does not just end where you take a picture. You will need to have the photos long after that time. For this reason, there is a need to have a proper way to display the photos if you want to share your memories. In whatever surface or room you prefer, there are many ways convenient for displaying your photos, but today we are going to focus on mounting photos on foam board.

This is one of the cheapest ways and far much easy to execute when it comes to displaying your photos. Foam boards are ubiquitous, and they present an excellent way of displaying your photos in the house. 

Now let us get into the depth of the whole process and see how we go about it. This is a fun DIY project that you can easily carry out to come up with a nice gallery wall. Before we start, here are some materials that we need;

  • White/black foam board
  • printed photos, Preferably on thick matte paper
  • cutter
  • superglue
  • Level

Step by Step Guide on Mounting Photos on Foam Board

Cut the board and spray the adhesive

After having all these materials, you can now get started on making your foam board display step by step. Now the first thing you need to know is that the photos you print should fit exactly the foamboard size. This means that it should be clearly a fit on the foam board. So, to ensure this is achieved, you cut the foam board larger than the picture.

This is the simplest way to do it since you can then chop off the extra foam board until it fits perfectly. After this, you can now spray the foam board with the spray adhesive and then smooth your edges.

Make a fixing or attaching point

To have your foam board photo display sticking from the wall, you have to find a way of sticking it on the wall or something that can allow you to have it hang on the wall. You can creatively cut out rectangular incisions on the top of the photo to have it hang from somewhere on the wall. However, if you want it simple, you can just fix sticky pads to have it stick on the wall.

While making the incisions, you need to be careful not to distort the top part of the foam board. There are no limitations for the amount of creativity you employ when you need to have photos displayed on your wall, this means that you can find out any way to fix it on the wall for as long as it looks neat.

The good thing with foam boards is that they are very light. Therefore you need not worry so much about placing them on the wall. That is basically why I mentioned the sticky pads as an option to have the foam board displays on the wall. In the case of multiple of them, deciding on the pattern can take you a few minutes of your time as you might need to lay them on a flat surface and draft out the pattern. In some cases, you might need to fix several of your photos on a foam board big enough to cover a large space, maybe as big as the whole wall.

However, the process of mounting photos on the foam board remains the same no matter how big the display size should be. You need to find a foam board as big to help you have an easy time mounting very many of your photos on your foam board display.

Employ creativity to find the best case possible

You may have noticed that the foam board is straightforward and so efficient in sharing your memories through photos. Lightness and ease of coming up with them is one thing that always pulls me towards the foam board method. We have to know then how to work out the proper pieces in terms of size and proximity. I mean that since this is a display, you need to make it one clean and attractive piece to fit in the smoothness and smartness of your wall.

As I already implied, you need to employ a lot of creativity in having the best of the display out of the foam board. Coming up with a straight and smart piece of foam board mount for hanging on the wall might not be that easy if you cannot employ your creativity.

It is easy to have it work within a short span even if you have to make a whole gallery wall of all your memories, and I like this method since the end product is a clean and precisely smart piece.

Mounting Photos on Foam Board - Issues you might experience

Working through a foam board is never as easy. Of course, you experience a lot of challenges for every foam project you handle, but here they are specific. For example, here, I experienced majorly cutting through the foam board.

It is not as easy to cut through for the first time. Additionally, hanging can be quite a problem if you don’t get a little more creative. However, if you find more problems hanging it still, you can purchase sawtooth hangers and have it go well that way.


Generally, what we often look for is aesthetic, and having it is the most exciting thing that can ever happen. I realize that the first project might get a little tough for you, but subsequent projects become simpler and easier. Still, with each of those aspects, good and bad, mounting photos on foam board sounds easy to me and seems brighter.

However, each and every style has got its ups and downs. The best you can do is find your best style. Remember, you are not limited when it comes to style. Let your creativity wander to bring you the best version of your taste.

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