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Common Types of Picture Framing You Should Know

Types of Picture Framing

A beautiful photo hung strategically on the wall can enrich a room’s look and elegance. Elegance can be emphasized when you use classy and stylish photo frames. Whether in an office or home, an attractive picture frame positioned well on the wall can add flair to the room’s decor and elegance. Homeowners looking to add decor to their homes without denting their pockets should consider any special types of picture framing solutions.

Types of Picture Framing

Modern Frames

Modern frames are types of picture framing created to meet today’s high demand for prolific and decorative homes. They are characterized by thin profiles. The artwork and photos installed in these frames are staged at the center. Buyers looking to achieve minimalist looks should opt for modern wooden frames with a print. Those concerned about quality and durability should consider metal frames with unique designs.

If your home or office has minimalist decorative themes, consider the customized modern metal frames to give your rooms a modern appeal. You can pair several frames or mix differently sized frames to create that variation look everyone will love.

Deep-set Framing Options

The mat in deep-set frames is thicker and creates way punchier attention towards the photo. These frames are designed so that once a photo is fitted, they will create a shadow that makes the images look bigger. If you took some landscape or travel photos while enjoying nature, you could use this type of frame to present the images more stylishly.

When installed alongside a mantle or shelf, deep-set frames can create an attractive layered look. Homeowners can always adjust the decor of the framed art to make them look more visually appealing. The good thing with these frames is that you can always change the framed art or photos any time you feel like.

Tabletop Frames

Tabletop frames have been in existence for decades. These frames are designed to create a better impression and make your home feel more inviting. Tabletop frames have a timeless appeal and design that can give your home a solid appeal for years. Tabletop frames have a detachable metal stand, which means that they can be hanged on the wall.

With these frames, you can add flair and personality to your home areas that look outdated. If there is limited spacing in the area, you’re installing the frame, use only one piece to avoid congestion. There is a wide range of affordable and high-quality tabletop frames available for sale, so ensure you’re choosing wisely.

Floating Frames

The floating frames are widely used across many residential and commercial settings. These types of frames are made of clear acrylic glass. The nature of the clear glass makes the framed art appear like its floating. Those looking for a frame to hang photos or art on their business or house should look for high-quality pieces with UV protection. Ensure the frame you use does not add weight to the picture. It should give an incredible level of depth and dimension while ensuring the quality of the photo is not affected.

These types of frames are specially reserved for specific photos. Don’t try to add more than one frame in one art piece or photo as that would make it congested and unattractive. Floating pictures are the perfect solutions for those looking to create lasting memories using their most attractive images.

Canvas Print Frames

You can use canvas prints to stylishly present your artworks and photos in your office or house wall.  Canvas prints are nicely designed with some of the most contemporary looks and designs. These frames stretch the canvas towards the center, making the artwork or photo more visible. These frames for photos are made of high-quality materials and have some of the most attractive designs and colors.

You can use canvas prints to showcase your photos in a more detailed way. You can as well use them to display your portrait and keep memories. The frames should always be installed at the center of any photography framing to balance the looks.

What Materials Are Most Photo Frames Made of

When selecting photo frames, you’ve to pay attention to color, shape, quality, and the material used. Photo frames are created from a wide range of materials, and here the most commonly used options:

Crystal Frames

Crystal is an attractive and trendy photo framing material. It has superior sparkles and shiny looks, which would add elegance and beauty to your photos and arts. Crystals are offered in multiple sizes and colors and are a bit affordable.

Ceramic Frames

Ceramic is widely known for being sturdy and durable. Ceramic frames are not only creative and impressive but also very durable. These frames don’t break easily and come in many patterns, colors, and shapes. They are the perfect options for you if you want to make your rooms more elegant and attractive. The cost of frames made of ceramic is a bit high, though.

Wooden Frames

Wood has been used for ages in the making of photo frames. Wooden frames come in many shapes, sizes, and colors are designed to add class to spaces. Buyers can choose frames made of mahogany, walnut, ash, or even pine.

Metal Frames

If you’re looking for something quite durable and outstanding, then metal frames are the best deal. Metal frames are ideal for adding elegance and class to spaces. Though metal is solid and heavy, most of the metal frames are lightweight. You can choose metal frames in matte or glossy finishes, chiefly depending on personal preferences. Metal frames are constructed from different types of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and more.


Outlined above are the many types of picture framing available for sale today. These framing options come in many sizes, shapes, designs, and finishes. Choose what suits your style preferences, room decor, and budget. It would be best if you found a high-quality and durable piece that would showcase your artwork or photos in the most stylish way. You can buy online to save money or order from your local store if you are in a hurry.

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